Py4J released

Py4J has just been released on PyPI, Maven Central, and bintray (p2 eclipse repository).

This is a backward-compatible release.

  • Python side: Py4J now supports Python 3.7.
  • Python side: Py4J no longer supports Python 2.6. Thanks to @hugovk for the patch.
  • Python side: The Python ClientServer now uses a mix of deque + sleep instead of a Queue to send garbage collection requests to the Java side. This solved a subtle deadlock issue that could occur because of a bug in CPython. This CPython bug has existed for many years and was finally fixed in Python 3.7. Because Py4J supports Python 2.7+, we had to use an alternative to Queue.
  • Python side: Python Entry Point can no longer be accidentally garbage collected. This matches the behavior of GatewayServer entry point that could never be accidentally garbage collected. Thanks to App Orchid for funding the work through our professional services program.
  • Python side: exceptions should no longer escape garbage collection calls. In the past, Py4J was trying to log exceptions that occurred during garbage collection, but the logger can itself be already garbage collected. If this occurs, the exception will be caught instead of being propagated into the user program. Thanks to Thermo-Calc Software for funding the work through our professional services program.
  • Python side: added a note in the docstring that str(py4j_java_error) may fail in Python 2.7 if unicode is returned. Thanks to @HyukjinKwon for the patch.
  • Java side: Java 6 is no longer included in the test suite considering the difficulty in managing the dependencies and requirements of the build toolchain (e.g., gradle, TravisCI). We will accept patches from anyone wanting to continue supporting Java 6 for the foreseeable future. Java 6 will be officially dropped along with Java 7 when Java 8 will become the minimum version required by Py4J (no date yet, but please make yourself heard if you require Java 7!).
  • Project: we switched again from CircleCI to TravisCI following the end of life of CircleCI 1.0.
  • tickets closed for 0.10.8 release

As always, this release has been made possible by the generous contributions from many users and the companies who supported us through our professional services. Every bug reports, patches, pull requests, ideas or help on the mailing list is greatly appreciated.

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