Py4J 0.10.5 released

Py4J 0.10.5 has just been released on PyPI, Maven Central, and bintray (p2 eclipse repository).

This is a backward-compatible release (unless you relied on rounded floats sent from Python 2.7 to Java).

  • Python side: added path for pip install –user
  • Python side: doubles are no longer truncated in Python 2.7
  • Python side: passing integers larger than Long.MAX_VALUE no longer stalls connection.
  • Java side: spurious server error signal no longer sent when GatewayServer is shutting down.
  • Java side: allow disabling automatic connection cleanup in CallbackClient.
  • Java side: return types of Python proxies are correctly converted to the expected type (e.g., a double can be converted to a float)
  • tickets closed for 0.10.5 release

As always, this release has been made possible by the generous contributions from many users. Every bug reports, patches, pull requests, ideas or help on the mailing list is greatly appreciated.

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