Py4J 0.9.1 Released

Py4J 0.9.1 has just been released on pypi and maven central.

This is a backward-compatible release with many important bugfixes:

  • Python side: it is now possible to retrieve the listening address and port of the CallbackServer. This is useful if CallbackServer is bound to port 0.
  • Python side: The daemonize_redirect flag is not set to True by default to preserve backward compatibility prior to 0.9.
  • Python side: JavaGateway.shutdown() no longer raises unecessary NoneType exceptions.
  • Python side: if you attempt to access an inexistent object on the Java side, you will receive a more meaningful exception.
  • Python side: the callback server was not correctly closing sockets and it was possible to leak sockets until no more were available. This has been fixed.
  • Java side: the finalization code telling the Python side that it can garbage collect a python proxy should not longer block (major bug fix).
  • Java side: After GatewayServer is launched, it is now possible to change the address:port where the CallbackClient connects.
  • Added a comment in an empty init file so 7zip does not report on error on Windows (go figure 🙂 )
  • We moved from Travis CI to Circle CI and the automated tests now reliably pass.
    tickets closed for 0.9.1 release

If you see any backward-incompatible changes, do not hesitate to fill a bug report.

This release has been made possible by the generous contributions from many users. Every bug reports, patches, pull requests, ideas or help on the mailing list is greatly appreciated.

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