Professional Services for Py4J

In the last years, I received several requests on GitHub or on my private email to implement difficult or niche features or to provide commercial support.

I’m happy to announce that the company that I work for, Resulto, has agreed to provide professional services for Py4J. This means that if you want (1) a feature to be implemented quickly, (2) a special license that comes with support, or (3) custom integration with your code, you can hire Resulto to do the job.

I, Barthelemy, will not stop developing Py4J for free, quite the opposite. It’s just that I don’t have the time to invest on large or niche features that require uninterrupted hours of R&D/thinking. In the end, this should greatly benefit Py4J users because new features will be introduced in the codebase and bugs will inevitably be fixed along the way.

If you are interested in professional services for Py4J, please get in touch with us at

Short FAQ about this offer:

1. Will you stop supporting Py4J or implementing features for free?

No. I’ll continue with exactly the same schedule: intense bursts of open source activity followed by answering bug reports and merging pull requests only. If you want a complex feature to be implemented and I don’t have the time on my personal time, you are welcome to implement it and make a pull request.

2. If I hire Resulto to implement a feature, how does the copyrights and licensing work?

Unless the feature integrates with a proprietary part of your system, we prefer to make the work open source following Py4J’s implicit contributor agreement.

3. Who is Resulto?

We are a small software development company that started more than a year ago. Our main product is a personalized marketing/customer retention platform, LoyalAction. We also offer professional services to build custom platforms and infrastructure. If you hire Resulto to work on Py4J, I’ll likely lead the effort, but other developers may also participate.

As a bonus, we are located in Canada, so our currency is extremely cheap these days 😀

Do not hesitate to contact me (personal:, work: if you have more questions or if you are interested in the services Resulto can provide.

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