Py4J 0.8.1 Released


this is a minor release featuring the long awaited availability of Py4J on maven central repository.

This release includes the following new features:

  • Fixed a bug in type inference when interface hierarchy is deeper than abstract class hierarchy.
  • Added a utility method is_instance_of in py4j.java_gateway to determine if a JavaObject is an instance of a type.
  • Released Py4J in central Maven repository. I’m still waiting for a final confirmation from sonatype before they enable the automatic syncing of Py4J maven releases.

The details of the specific issues for Py4J 0.8.1 are available on GitHub.

Installing Py4J is one pip away: pip install py4j

Again, feel free to contact me or to write a feature request on GitHub!

For more information about Py4J:


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