Py4J 0.8 Released

After two years, Py4J 0.8 has just been released!

Although I merged pull requests and fixed bugs during these two years, my Ph.D., wedding, and new job made it difficult to find the time to make a proper release. All happy events that made me busy life busier 🙂

This release includes the following new features:

  • Major fix to the Java byte[] support. Thanks to @agronholm for spotting this subtle but major issue and thanks to @fdinto from The Atlantic for providing a patch!
  • Ability to fail early if the py4j.java_gateway.JavaGateway cannot connect to the JVM.
  • Added support for long primitives, BigDecimal, enum types, and inner classes on the Java side.
  • Set saner log levels
  • Many small bug fixes and API enhancements (backward compatible).
  • Wrote a section in the FAQ about security concerns and precautions with Py4J.
  • Added support of Travis-CI and cleaned up the test suite to remove hardcoded paths.

The specific issues are discussed on GitHub.

Installing Py4J is one pip away: pip install py4j

Again, feel free to contact me or to write a feature request on GitHub!

For more information about Py4J:



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