Py4J 0.5 Released!

Oh Yeah! It’s another release of Py4J and there are many interesting features that made their way in:

  • The ability to import packages (e.g., java_import(gateway.jvm, '*'))
  • Support for pattern filtering in (e.g.,,'get*Foo*Bar'))
  • Support for automatic conversion of Python collections (list, set, dictionary) to Java collections.
  • Two Eclipse features: one embeds the Py4J Java library. The other provides a default GatewayServer that is started when Eclipse starts. Both features are available on the new Py4J Eclipse update site:
  • New module decomposition: there are no more mandatory circular dependencies among modules.
  • Have a look at the Trac 0.5 milestone for a detailed description of the issues fixed in this release!

This feature marks the return to a predictable and regular schedule: one release every two months. I am particularly proud that I could make this release given my crazy and stressful schedule these last days 😉

I should restate that I use Py4J every day since version 0.4 and most of the features that made it painful to use are now completed. The next release will focus on source code cleanup (be more pythonic), a few corner case features that are difficult to implement but that will make Py4J a killer application, and better unit test organisation. As usual, comments are welcome and if there is any feature you would like to see in the next release, now would be a good time to make your voice heard!

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