Py4J 0.4 released

Py4J 0.4 has just been released! New features include:

  • Polishing of existing features: fields can be set (not just read), None is accepted as a method parameter, methods are sorted alhabetically in, etc.
  • Java Exception Stack Trace are now propagated to Python side.
  • Changed interfaces member in Callback classes to implements.
  • Internal refactoring to adopt clearer terminology and make Py4J protocol extensible.
  • Many bug fixes: most are related to the callback feature.

Since the beginning of Py4J, I have been trying to release early and often and to release on a regular basis (2 months). Unfortunately, because I have been extremely busy during the summer (hey, we moved to our new condo!), I have made the mistake of pushing back the release date in the hope that it would give me time to complete all the tickets for 0.4.

This is not how it should work. The next release is due in 6 weeks and even if there is only one new bug fix or one new feature, it will be released at that date.

In the meantime, you should go ahead and download Py4J!

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